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Parenting is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be a struggle.  I work with families who want to learn proven, research-based methods for effectively navigating the everyday challenges of life with children and adolescents. 
Using my clinical training, along with scientific evidence from research in the fields of child development, learning theory, and developmental psychology, I focus on helping parents improve parent-child relationships and family communication. Often our daily interactions with our kids unintentionally reinforce the very behaviors we want to minimize as we struggle to manage our own emotional responses, slow down and listen, and stay patient in the context of highly stressed and demanding family life. In parenting sessions, moms and dads can learn ways to help minimize unwanted behaviors (e.g., tantrums and power struggles, whining, hitting, yelling, and oppositional/defiant behaviors) as well as increase desired behaviors (e.g., following directions, being respectful, demonstrating self-sufficiency, enganging in tasks of daily living, and exhibiting good manners) in their children.  
I am passionate about helping parents be mindful, loving, and effective. My style of parent support is practical and solution-focused. I provide strategies and build skills in order to enhance your parenting "tool-box," which can then be tested at home and fine tuned in follow up sessions. 
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